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Dear future newlyweds you have decided to make this big step in your life - to gather with the one you love, to share your life with her/him? You have already booked a date for your wedding and now the wedding day is approaching and you are very excited and do not know how to deal with the organization. You are obsessed by many ideas but do not know how to make them happen…The decision is one - hire a professional wedding planner who will be able to handle the wedding planning instead of you.
Many people think that hiring a wedding planner is expensive and unnecessary pleasure. We think this is an absolute myth, because the best wedding planner could save you money, time, efforts. The professional wedding planner knows when and what can happen helps you to fulfill your dreams, and with its help you are always one step ahead of others.

  • Wedding planner will advise you on all the preparation for the wedding;
  • Will comply with your wishes;
  • Will comply with your budget;
  • Will organize anything as you like it to be, as your participation will be only in the selection;
  • A good wedding planner will be honest with you and you will not give empty promises, but real ones
  • While you are at work, the wedding planner works for you and perform the tasks. So at the end of your work day, at a convenient time for you, just make your choice. Imagine that after you finish your work day you have to go to various meeting – most of them pointless and losing your time.
  • The professional has already searched the quality and the prices and offers the most suitable for your services;
  • The planner will remind you many things and will take care everything to be highest quality and delivered on time;
  • You can avoid a lot of blunders and unpleasant situations;
  • Throughout the preparation will defend your interests;
  • Will make sure you and your guest feel relaxed and having fun on the wedding day!
  • Important note is that the planner can save you a lot of money, but the service itself is not so expensive and in the same time more accessible.


How to choose your wedding agency:

  1. Call and make your appointment. Once you met, you know if this is the person who will arrange your wedding day. It is important for agent to pay attention to what you think and say;

  2. Wedding planner must be responsible, good organizer and coordinator, but understanding and smiling person who calms you, whom you can thrust;

  3. Find out if the planner is familiar with the details of the organization;

  4. Tell the wedding planner what you imagine and make sure that you have been fully understood;

  5. When you decide to hire the wedding agent – arrange details about payments and prices. Everything must be clarified at the beginning.


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Three ways to organize your wedding:

To organize it yourself = endless running ...


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Your parents to organize it - by their taste


Wedding Agency Varna

To be organized by a professional!



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Traditions in modern Bulgarian wedding


Have you heard of the belief that on the wedding day the bride should carry in helself something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue? Are you superstitious, do you believe in folk beliefs, do you like the Bulgarian traditions?
Something new - a symbol of new beginning, of the bright future that awaits the bride and the groom; usually a wedding dress;
Something old - a symbol that when once married, the bride will not forget about her family and her past, the most commonly used symbol is the jewel given by the mother or grandmother of the bride;
Something borrowed - symbolizes the relationship of the bride with friends and family. The symbolism is in support of the family and that they will always support the bride.
Something blue - a symbol of purity in the relationship between the newlyweds and faith in the coming days; usually the bride's garter is blue, or it has a stitched blue element - pebble, ribbon or something else.

Wedding day according to Bulgarian traditions is interesting and filled with lots of dancing, joy and amusement. Here's one of the options for the conduct of the wedding day:
The wedding starts at the home of the groom's parents. They gather their relatives and friends for a toast and give advice to the groom. It continues with visit of best man where some national dances going on which are led by the maid of honor who gives a toast and treats for guests. Maid has prepared bridal bouquet and bread and all the guests go to the bride's home. There awaits the bride's family, relatives and her friends. The bride is already dressed and is hiding in one of the rooms. The maid of honor comes first to the bride and veils it. It is believed that the bride first should three times push the veil and after that to wears it. After that the maid of honor hives the bouquet and makes final preparations before the groom to see his bride. The groom and all his guests comes to bride`s house only after he pays enough money for the redemption. At this point however obstacles for the groom have not been completed, since he has to find the room in which is hidden the bride and her friends. The friends of the bride give to the groom the wedding shoe and inform the groom that it is too large to fit as it is. So the groom puts money in the shoe until it fits and only after he can enter the room to put the shoe on the bride.Once all the guests see the newlyweds together, comes the moment with putting flowers (natural or artificial, so called Boutonnieres), as the bride put the flowers to her closest friends and the bridesmaid decorate all other guests. Then everybody eat and salute for the happiness of the bride and the groom. Father of the Bride displays it with a white cloth, and the mother poured jug with water in front of them. In front of his bride leads his last "Bachelorette" dance. Then goes to the wedding hall and then to the church.
After newlyweds officially became husband and wife they accept congratulations, throwing wedding fortune, guests are treated to candy and sweets, and make their first photos with the young family.
Check-in restaurants - all guests first arrive, and last come the newlyweds with the maid of honor and the best man, no one should arrive at the wedding after them. Pass by a white cloth, covered with flowers, and finally there is a copper with white and red flower on it. There awaits them in-law with bread with salt and honey. Powered them drink the dregs first toast as a family, together with the maid of honor and the best man. Then the bride is kicking the so called menchi and depending on the flower, which is rolled first determines the sex of the first child – white for a girl and red for a boy.
At this point can be made and the breaking of the bread - the bride and groom stand with their backs to each other with raised hands and broken bread. Legend says that those who broke off a larger piece, he will rulethe house.
All guests sit, and the best man opened the ceremony with his speech, congratulated the newlyweds and their guests, and swirls first dance.
Next is the moment for thanking the maid of honor and the best man for all their efforts by special dance.
Newlyweds danced their first dance wedding of their favorite song that became their "wedding anthem." After their dance, there may be the first dance of the maid of honor and best man and their parents.
After that follows many dances, Bulgarian folk dances, entertainment. If the bride and groom want they can include in the scenario different types of games and jokes in which to participate and guests, and mostly unmarried.
Once guests have passed the main meal, the bride and groom go to the tables and toast with each of them. The idea is to thank everyone that has a special guest and shared their joy on this day. Now is the time that guests give gifts to the bride and the groom.
At the end of the evening one of the last rituals is throwing the bouquet. All unmarried girls collect, the bride stands with his back to them and toss bouquet. Whoever catch the bouquet will be the next bride. The groom makes similar ritual – he throws that bride`s garter and whoever catches it will be the next groom.
Cutting the cake - the first piece of the wedding cake is cut from the newlyweds for them and also one for the maid of honor and the best man. After they can cut and another for the next couple which is believed to get marry soon. Then eat all of cake to be sweet life of a young family.
The last ritual is the unveiling of the bride. Maid of honor puts the veil to the future bride and she becomes a bride and then removing it and at this point the bride becomes a wife. When the maid of honor remove the veil, there are several options - once is couple dancing and the other one is the bride to give the veil to a specific couple. .
To this sample scenario can add other artistic ideas, surprises and attractions the wedding to be unique and unforgettable.

And one fairy tail ...