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Royal blue

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, the living spirit, devotion to family, desire for pure and sincere relations - Stylish and sophisticated color that is seen easily, has a calming effect. What do you think of the blue color in the choice of decoration and theme? The importance of color and symbolism that brings is trust, honesty, loyalty, stability and depth, internal security, ideality, order, tranquility and peace, wisdom, truth.
Blue successfully combines different colors and it is a wonderful color for stylish beach wedding, or maybe something else? How do you imagine this color, would you use it for your event?


Color "mauve" is very interesting, even enigmatic color. Depending on the light and other colors with which is combined the mauve has the ability to change its and can be seen as dark shade of ash rose in purple to brown range. It is suitable for places where the situation requires decoration to be beige or brown tones – this color will fascinate you. Successfully combined with white, champagne color, glare of silver and gold, and with lighter shades of pink and orange. Exudes style and confidence, creates an atmosphere that will not go unnoticed.


What do you think of the purple color? Which option would you choose gentle, romantic lavender, violet or strength of dark purple?
Purple is the color of dreams, creativity, creative and inventive natures.
It is believed that this color is a symbol of romance, sensuality and temperament, nobility, ambition, future, dreams, invidualnost luxury.
Purple is defined as the color of royalty because of the sophistication that gives.
People who like this color are romantic, dreamers, people who like to be seen among the others.


Peach color is a tone of the orange range, but is softer and more gentle version of the color. It is uplifting, optimistic, and act positively radiates warmth and happiness. Creates a friendly atmosphere, good humor, laughter and fun. If you select a color from orange range for your wedding, it means that you are independent, confident, dynamic, love social contacts and meetings with friends, you stand out as enthusiasts in the daily grind.