We know that most newlyweds feel very confused and need support and understanding, while others know exactly what they want, have their contractor of their ideas. Whichever from both you are, you welcomed to discuss your ideas, your thoughts and to offer you a way for the fulfillment of your desires.

wedding agency varna

We offer:

  • Preparing individual plans for organization and preparation of the wedding;
  • overall organization of the event, creating a concrete vision and its implementation;
  • recommendations and action plan of the organization of the wedding, which the bride and groom commit themselves, but want to save time and nerves; give specific guidance plan, indicative budget, so you have an easy head start on the organization of the event;
  • ideas for decoration and theme of the wedding, as well as its implementation.
These are some of the services we can offer, specifying the individual, depending on what they want newlyweds:
  • Personal meetings at convenient time for newlyweds in which wedding planner to know the bride and groom met, hear them, understand their needs, facilitates their dreams;
  • Preparing individual plans for organization and preparation of the wedding;
  • Proposals for the conduct of the wedding day;
  • Assistance in the organization of the wedding - preparation of individual scenario, suggestions for games and conducting various rituals;
  • A concrete individual plan of wedding day, in hours;
  • Recommendations on the subtleties in organization;
  • Distribution and management of the entire wedding budget consultation and
  • Subcontracting of the "Prestige"
  • Assistance in filing for marriage;
  • Assistance in selection of Twitter for Church marriage, providing required to perform the ritual;
  • Organization of the christening of some newlyweds;
  • Advice and assistance in the choice of restaurant, garden exported ritual choice of church, an appointment for marriage;
  • Organization of exported ritual cocktail;
  • Suggestions for leading balloon ritual;
  • Advice and recommendations for the selection of the host of the wedding, videographers and photographer;
  • Guidance on the budget - preparing the indicative budget;
  • Coordination on the day of the wedding - the presence of a wedding planner to oversee the proper functioning of the wedding day, coordinate events
  • Advice and recommendations for the selection of the host of the wedding, videographers and photographer
  • Contracts with third parties;
  • Preparation of proposals for topics of the wedding;
  • Ideas for decorating according to the selected theme;
  • Development of an individual theme of the celebration to the individual wishes and ideas of the couple;
  • Tips on choosing a cake, style and wedding theme, assistance for procurement;
  • Advice and assistance in choosing the wedding dress, organizing samples;
  • Assistance in choosing a suit for the groom;
  • Proposals for wedding car;
  • Provision of catering;
  • Suggestions for attractions in wedding day
  • Proposal and an appointment for grimaor, hairdresser;
  • Proposals for the guests, reservations;
  • Organizing transportation for guests;
  • Offers an attractive program for sightseeing for guests who are not from the same city;
  • Motion animation for children;
  • Romantic decoration of the room for the wedding night;
  • Suggestions for theme parties - bachelorette / bachelor;
  • Proposal and organizing the participation of musicians, performers, the actors;
  • Individual lists for newlyweds with the most important tasks and purchases to make;
  • Plan available to the masses and scheme for the guests
  • Attractive offers for surprises